Hi, I’m Jake!


In addition to taking the photographs that I share here, I enjoy running marathons, kayaking, gardening, making jam and jelly, brewing hard cider, and grilling and barbecuing tasty meats.  At work, I help physicians use our EHR. I volunteer with a dog rescue called Shultz’s Guest House, with History Camp, and I give platelets to the Red Cross (you should, too!). And I occasionally give a tour or class on the history of Boston’s Back Bay through the Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

My Websites

  • jacobsconyers.com I like to take pictures. I take pictures of Boston, of my adventures, of breaking news, of animals, and flowers, and sunsets. I post the decent ones on this site. You can consider this the canonical site for Jacob Sconyers. When all the rest are gone, this site will abide. Call it <link rel="me canonical">, ya know?
  • charlesriverguide.com A paddler’s guide to the Charles.  I like to paddle on our local rivers, but there aren’t a lot of online resources to help you plan a trip. The site I used to rely on went offline, so I created this one. Tell your paddling friends!
  • historycamp.org History Camp is an “unconference” for history, founded in the Boston area and expanding beyond.  I built and maintain their website, as well as helping to organize monthly history events for History Camp enthusiasts.
  • fuckingyum.com My wife and I are decent cooks. We blog here at irregular intervals about the things we make.
  • sconye.rs I registered a Serbian domain name to run my vanity URL shortener.
  • bostonstrolls.com We used to run a tour company.  This Bootstrap-based placeholder site is all that remains.

Social Stuff

  • Facebook is the main channel I use to keep up with real-world acquaintances.
  • I post photos to Instagram pretty frequently.
  • Follow @BostonStrolls for a daily dose of Boston history. I share pictures, maps, trivia, and #OnThisDay anniversaries.
  • I rarely tweet under my own name, but hit me at @JacobSconyers for anything not related to Boston history.
  • I don’t actively maintain my Google+ profile, but I’m on there if you are.

Fitness Profiles

More MEdia

  • Look at my collected spherical panoramas on Google Maps.
  • I don’t make many videos, but the ones that exist wind up on YouTube..

Published Photos

Boston Globe

Gravestone photos published in a spread on Haunted New England


My food picture stands in for a 17th Century Puritan meal.

CBS Boston

Photo of the Make Way for Ducklings statue decorated for spring.

Dorchester Reporter


A picture I took on a historic tour made it to the front page of a neighborhood paper.

Where Magazine

A picture of Acorn Street (Beacon Hill) in a feature on Boston Strolls.

Universal Hub


My friend Rachel and cohost Kristin started The Town Council, a podcast “dedicated to chronologically rewatching and recapping every single episode (and both movies!) of the ’90s hit TV series ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.’ For both the snarks and the history buffs.”  I appear occasionally as their resident historian.

  • Episode 106 – Father’s Day: In this episode, Dr. Quinn advocates for smallpox vaccination in Colorado Springs.  I was invited on to discuss the history of smallpox vaccination and the Boston inoculation controversy of 1721 involving Cotton Mather.
  • Episode 206 – Where The Heart Is (2 hour special): When her mother falls ill, Dr. Quinn and the children go back home to Boston for a long visit.  I provided an overview of the condition of Boston in 1869 and pointed out what the show got right, and what was definitely wrong.

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